LEGO PARTY GUIDE – Lego Land Here We Come! Lego birthday party decor, ideas and online invitations

Let’s build a Lego Party together!

Lego building blocks are the source of inspiration for this bright and fun party, perfect for little construction lovers (boys and girls alike!). The mix of bright colors and fun lego figures give us endless decoration possibilities and will delight children of all ages. Choose your online birthday party invitations and let’s get started with the decorations!

Lego Party Decor Lego Birthday Party Ideas Food Construction Invitations

Lego Party Decor:

The key to this lego party decoration, is the color palette: yellow, red, green and blue. Be sure to mix and match them throughout to create a fun atmosphere, that resembles a lego box, full of bright little pieces.

1. To create a pinterest-perfect lego bash for a fraction of the cost (and time!) take a look at this lego printable party decor pack & invite. You can start with that, add some bright colored cups and plates and in a moment you’ll have the most beautiful event! In the pack you will find invites, banners, flags , labels, photo booth props… and a whole lot more !

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Lego Party Decor Pack Printable Banner Water Bottle Wraps Lego Labels

2. For maximum impact, we recommend transforming the door to your party area into a huge lego brick: It’s super easy! Start by covering it up with colored paper or a paper table ‘cloth’ (see the below pic for a blue piece example), and then glue round paper plates in the same color onto it, to create the shape of the lego piece.

Lego Party Decor Lego Birthday Brick Door

3. For a fun, themed drink, you can re-use glass jars by filling them up with orange juice and drawing lego faces on them! (see image below). You can also use them as party favors by painting them yellow and then drawing the lego faces on them. Fill them up with little gifts and give them out to your guests at the end of the party.

Lego Party Decor Lego Birthday Drinks Favors Gift Bag Jars

4. For a nice, custom touch, build the name of the birthday boy or girl with Lego pieces, make it nice and big and set it up as the centerpiece of your buffet table, go small to decorate any little corner, or put ribbon through it to create a banner:
Lego Party decor name

5. Choose Yellow Square Paper Plates, and then with a Black Edible Marker, draw lego figure faces on them!

Lego Party Decor Plates Lego Birthday

6. When guests arrive, give them lego figure masks or crowns (you will find them in our lego party pack) and start taking great pics. A great idea would be to indicate in your child’s birthday invitations, that each guest should come dressed in their favorite lego colors to create a fun atmosphere that the kids will enjoy and will also look great in the pics.

Lego Party Photobooth Props Mask Crown

Lego Party Decoration Ideas Birthday Printable Party Decor

Lego Party Food:

Children’s birthdays are characterized by serving a variety of food choices in their miniature themed version. Let your mind take a trip to lego land, and build some awesome sandwiches, cupcakes, jellos… and more!

Lego Party Food Cake Cupcakes Sandwiches

1. You can get some Lego molds here for $6, to easily make jello lego pieces, and melted chocolate legos that can then decorate cupcakes or be eaten on their own.

Lego Party Decor Food Jello Chocolate Cupcakes Lego Birthday

2. Also, keeping in line with the construction theme, you can buy a couple of bright buckets and fill them with fruits, popcorn… Like the strawberry one you can see in this picture, or you can re-use food containers to create your own:

Lego party decor buckets lego birthday ideas

3. For salty snacks, serve some irresistible lego shaped sandwiches as seen above, by cutting out sliced bread circles with a cookie cutter and ‘sticking’ them to the sandwich with cream cheese, or make some easy piecy lego cheese on crackers that both kids and parents will love!

Lego party food ideas cheese crackers

4. For the cake, you can’t go wrong with a gigantic lego figure cake that’s super easy to make: All it takes is a regular round cake, covered in bright yellow fondant and your best drawing skills with an edible black marker to draw a lego face on it. You can also make a lego brick cake as seen below, with a rectangular mold, and a circle cookie cutter: Assemble the shape and then cover in bright icing… Delicious and easy!

Lego Party Cakes Decor Lego Birthday Ideas

Lego Party Games & Activities:

1. Seize the lego craze, and set up a lego workshop where kids can build with ease. All you need is an assortment of lego pieces and a floor mat.To make it a bit more interactive, you can provide them with a theme, such as animals, vehicles, etc… and then give out prices to the best ones, or you can go jenga style and divide the kids up into two teams and see who builds the highest lego tower!

Lego Party Games Ideas Lego Birthday Party

2. The typical game of pin the tail on the donkey becomes pin the head to the Lego figure. Draw a big lego figure on a piece of card, cover the eyes of the kids, and have them try to put the head with their name in the correct place.

Lego Party Games Ideas Lego Birthday

3. The little ones love their coloring. Print a couple of lego inspired coloring pages, and let them have their fun. Or even better, if the kids are a bit older: Print out blank lego figure shapes and have them draw their own individual lego outfits on top. (You can find ours here). These can also be a great and easy favor, include a couple of crayons and you’re set!

Lego Party Activities Games Coloring Lego Birthday

4. You can organize a Lego treasure hunt by hiding pieces or little figures around the house or garden, and whoever finds them gets to keep them! Be sure to have a lot of them so that no child will feel left out.

Lego Party Invitations:

Bright and fun, our selection of online lego invitations will give your guests a glimpse of the great time you’re preparing for them, and you can also find printable lego invitations at our partner shop

Lego Party Invitations Lego Birthday Online Invitations

We hope you enjoy the planning as much as we enjoyed putting these ideas together for you and we wish you an unforgettably beautiful and fun lego party!

Online Invitations: LaBelleCarte

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