Slumber parties are synonymous with having a good time with friends and no one is ever too old for that! A night where, even when wearing pajamas, the last thing you do is sleep. To ensure that our guests don’t fall easily into the hands of Morpheus, from La Belle Carte we bring you some ideas and tips to help you beat sleep and throw a great slumber party. The first step: Send themed online invitations and let the fun begin!

Online-Invitations-slumber-party-girls-pink-cutePlanning a slumber party is not complicated. Although it is an informal meeting, we must not leave out the details that will create a magical and enjoyable atmosphere to share with friends. Like with most party decor, the most important thing is to focus on a theme or a color. From there, it will be easy to decorate the room or space than for the evening.

At La Belle Carte, we chose pink, a girly favorite, for inspiration. With this color in mind, after choosing your online party invitations, you can look for the best pajamas for the occasion.

Slumber parties would not exist without munchie food. Most girls are sweet-toothed by nature, so tonight unleash the calories and serve all the desserts and snacks that you can think of. For example: cookies decorated as slippers, cupcakes of various flavors, strawberry shortcake, caramel popcorn and you can never miss with a touch pink milk and a matching pink striped straw.

Snacks are important, but also activities. While you tell each other secrets, you can paint each other’s nails, try a new hair style, or distract yourselves with a board game. Do not forget the background music and create a list that mixes your musical tastes.

Another important detail for the pajama party to be a success, is to think of the next morning. Score top grades with some pancakes inspired by the rainbow. Your friends will love waking up to a sweet explosion of color.

Online invitations: La Belle Carte

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