Online Invitations and Ecards Pricing Price LaBelleCarte


Registering at La Belle Carte is free and 10 free virtual stamps will be added to your account.


The number of stamps needed to send your online invitations or e-cards per contact will depend on the options chosen. Every card sent with a colored or textured envelope and a matching liner will cost 3 stamps per recipient. You can also choose a free white envelope with no texture and you can remove the envelope liner to reduce the number of stamps needed to 1 stamp per person. We have dozens of bacground textures for you to make your design as unique as you want, ranging from free to 2 stamps per contact.


The stamps are purchased in packages, from 25 stamps for 5 Euros to 1000 stamps for 60 Euros and the more virtual stamps you buy, the cheaper each stamp will be! If you know beforehand that you will use La Belle Carte for future events, we recommend you buy all the stamps you think you'll need at one time.



You can use this handy convertor to estimate how much the price will be in your currency: 





You can buy additional virtual stamps at any time, by accessing your account and clicking on the BUY MORE link located on the bottom brown menu bar, next to your current available stamps.


Secure Payments at La Belle Carte:


All payments you make to LaBelleCarte, either through your Paypal account, or credit or debit card are processed through Paypal's secure platform. We do not store any payment information on our website (neither your billing address, nor details of your Paypal account, or card) to increase the security of our payment process.

Paypal is one of the most reputable companies for secure payments online and we have chosen it so you can make your purchases at LaBelleCarte with confidence.



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